Before & After Treatment Instructions:

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  • BEFORE: no preparation necessary.
  • AFTER: The ant treatment has a residual effect so it keeps working 3-4 weeks after treatment. Typically the issue gets worse before it gets better and many times they change location in your home. Please be patient with the process. The ants that were treated in the initial treatment are in the process of taking the bait back to the queen ant and once that happens, all the ants die off. IMPORTANT: don't kill the ants after treatment and don't wash your baseboards.

Bed Bugs:

BEFORE: (required)

  1. Remove all the linens from your bed and put them in the dryer and run the dryer on high; the heat will kill the bed bugs. Wash the sheets prior to putting them back on the bed after treatment.
  2. Remove all the items from your nightstands & dressers & suitcases.
  3. Remove any clutter (items you may have on the floor near the baseboard & walls, blankets, any miscellaneous items, also any items on top of the dresser).
  4. Remove all items under the beds.

Recommended before (OPTIONAL) - for the optimal results

  1. Purchase a bed bug cover for your mattress & box spring.
  2. Remove all clothing from your bedroom closets, launder or put in dryer for 20 minutes, then put all clothing in plastic bags after you inspect for bed bugs. Tie up the bags and place in kitchen or bathroom.
  3. Vacuum mattresses, box spring, bed frame, furniture, closets, dressers, nightstands and put vacuum bag in exterior garbage can. Sweep or mop if you do not have carpeting.

For maximum effectiveness, wait 3-4 WEEKS. The treatment has a residual effect and keeps working for 3-4 weeks. If a second treatment is necessary, we can do treatment after 3-4 weeks. The bed bugs have to crawl over the product we put down and then it gets absorbed and the bed bugs die. If you need a 2nd treatment at a discounted price, let us know.

Other things you can do to prevent getting more bed bugs or make the treatment work faster:
1. vacuum often. 2. take an iron in the steam mode & steam the bed or the place that you sleep, anything over 125 degrees will kill bed bugs. 3. put your bedding linens in the dryer often. (heat kills bed bugs). 4. If you go on a trip, make sure your luggage is not on the floor, but on a luggage rack or on a shelf in the closet.

Carpet Beetles:

  • BEFORE: Make sure your cat food, cat litter & cat nip is outdoors 2 nights prior to treatment and move items away from baseboards inside your home.
  • AFTER:  You will see more activity immediately after treatment. Please wait 7-14 days for maximum effect


  • BEFORE: Please remove everything from your kitchen & bathroom cabinets. This will allow us to give you the most effective treatment.
  • AFTER: Immediately after treatment you will see increased activity. Do not use anything to clean the treated area for as long as possible. You should start seeing results within 24 hours… but maximum effectiveness will be realized within 3-4 weeks.


  • BEFORE: or during treatment have your pet professionally treated by a vet or pet groomer on the same days as treatment.  Vacuum the entire house & remove pet bedding. Clear all items off the floors & under the beds.  Change the cat litter and put all food in cabinets or in fridge. Remove bedding & wash.
  • AFTER: Vacuum frequently for 3 weeks, but do not wash floors

Indian Meal Moths & Grain Beetles:

  • BEFORE:  need to remove all food items in the cabinets that are not stored in glass or cans.  all other soft packaged food, not in glass or cans, open or unopened must be thrown out.
  • AFTER:  need to wait 3 hours before you can put "new" soft packaged foods into the cabinets.  also, new shelf paper is needed after treatment and do not wash cabinets after treatment for as long as possible.


  • BEFORE:  do not water the lawn one day prior to treatment.
  • AFTER: do not water the lawn the day of treatment or the day after treatment.  Immediately after treatment do not let kids or pets on the lawn for 20 minutes.


  • BEFORE: do not water the lawn one day prior to treatment. We will be unable to do the treatment if it is raining or snowing the day of the treatment or if the ground is wet.
  • AFTER: keep pets & kids away from the treated area for 2-3 days. If you have underground voles, fill up the holes with dirt 4 days after treatment.   Your grass should start growing back in a week with maximum effectiveness in 3 weeks.
Mark Siepka | Owner, Shepp Pest Control, Inc.
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